Wedding Venue Pointers: Find Your Perfect Wedding Shoes!

There’s a million things to think of before you show up at the wedding venue. If you think that choosing your dream gown is hard, wait until you have to decide on your shoes.  When choosing your wedding shoes there are a few things you must keep in mind. Follow these steps and you will have a great pair of shoes that you will love to wear again and again.

boots pic1. Comfort. Remember you actually have to wear these shoes for your wedding and reception.  We all may love high heels but remember you have to walk down the aisle, stand for photos, dance, and walk around in them.  You want to still be able to walk and feel comfortable by the end of the night.

2. Fit your style. Choose a special pair of shoes that you love and make you feel good.  Don’t choose a shoe just because it matches your dress.  In today’s society there are so many styles and designs you’re sure to find one that fits your wedding style and personality.

flats3. Break them in. For any wedding shoe you purchase, breaking them in is extremely important.  Especially for your wedding day you want to have your wedding shoes already molded to your feet and for you to feel comfortable in.  Sometimes when wearing a shoe for the first time you’re a little hesitant and this way you will have walked around and know the feel of them.

4. Add some excitement. Make a statement with your shoe that grabs for attention. Yes, your dress is white or ivory but what does that matter.  You can add a shoe full of glitter, pearls, or even adding a pop of color like bright red.  Just a little touch of something can make a visual splash to last the entire evening.

Remember, the dress doesn’t make the shoes, it’s the shoes that makes the dress!


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