Wedding Venue Pointers: 5 Tips for a Memorable Marriage Proposal

First, we all know that a lot happens before anyone ever makes it to the wedding venue. No matter how simple or extravagant your proposal is, it’s going to be a story that your bride-to-be will be telling for the rest of her life. Give her a proposal that she won’t only be proud to share, but that she’ll say yes to! Here are 5 tips you can follow to have a memorable and successful proposal!

1. Ask her parents in advance. Yes, some wedding traditions have changed with the times, but this custom is still very much alive. And don’t forget to mention your plans to her closest friends—you might even get some good pointers from them on what she’d love in a proposal.  Just make sure you don’t reveal your plans to too many people—you wouldn’t want someone to slip up before she finds out!

2. Have the ring ready. Even if you’re planning a more low-key proposal, you should still have the ring with you. Don’t have her sharing the news without something to show for it!

3. Post a video beforehand. A few hours before you pop the question, post a video of yourself explaining what you’re about to do. It will create excitement among your friends, but you will need to distract her from using the internet and seeing the video. If you don’t want to risk her seeing a video, write a letter to her instead. Read it to her on your wedding day privately or in front of all the guests.

4. Invite her family and friends. Do your best to have her family there to witness the moment. Make sure you include everyone important to her by asking her closest friend to make sure everyone who should be there gets invited.

5. Hire a photographer. Just like the day you say ‘I do,’ you’ll want to have beautiful pictures of the moment she says ‘Yes’. Have a photographer take pictures during and after the proposal. If it’s just the two of you, go above and beyond by having the photographer secretly take photos while you pop the question. Surprise her in a few days when you receive the printed pictures.

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