Quick Tips for Making a Seating Chart

Not every wedding needs a seating chart—especially if you’re group is on the smaller side and more familiar with one other. But if you’re having a large wedding and a more formal seated meal, you might want to consider table assignments. It will prevent guests from feeling awkward while looking for an appropriate spot, and it will ensure that everyone is comfortable with who they’re sitting with.   

1. Do not start working on the seating chart until all of your RSVPs are in. Your time is limited—so don’t waste any of it by trying to plan the seating before you know exactly who’s coming.

2. Ask your wedding planner for the floor plan. Know exactly how many tables you’ll have, how many guests each will hold, and where they’re located on the floor.

3. Don’t have someone else do the seating chart for you. Yes, you do have a lot going on at this point, but you know your guests best, so you’re in charge.

4. Seat each guest at the same table with at least one other person that they know.

5. Decide where your wedding party is going to sit. Even if you plan to keep them all together at a VIP table, make sure their dates are still sitting next to them.

6. Keep the entertainment in mind. Have the younger guests, and those more likely to dance, sit at the tables closest to the dance floor. Also, find out where the music speakers will be placed so that you don’t seat the elderly guests too close to them.

7. Have a spot for the seating chart. Use a unique display, like a chalkboard, to list out each table and its guests. Post the chart somewhere that is directly visible to the guests so they know that one actually exists. Also, make sure the tables are labeled clearly.seatingchart

The Importance Of Selecting The Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding venue Atlanta, Wedding venue Kennesaw, wedding venue MariettaWhen you’re engaged, you can’t help spend all your free time thinking about your perfect day, and we know that centers around the perfect wedding venue.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. Because of the wonderful memories to be made, everything must be planned down to the smallest detail. Naturally, the wedding venue is the centerpiece of it all. The entire tone, look and feel of the wedding hinges around the wedding venue. It’s where it all starts.

Here’s why selecting the right wedding venue is so critical:

-Keeping Your Guests Happy. The entire goal of a wedding is to begin the marriage with the power of everything positive and loving. Weddings are joyful occasions and if your guests aren’t happy, it can have a negative impact on the positive power in the air. In fact, the right wedding venue goes a long way to ensure that everyone involved in the wedding arrives and leaves happy. Ultimately, it’s a wonderful day for everyone.

-Sometimes A Wedding Venue Is Nothing More. Planning a wedding can be a daunting experience. Every bride needs help along the way. Often, the host of a wedding venue is an amazing resource for the bride to be and can suggest helpful concepts and resources. They can also suggest ways to incorporate the wedding venue in the perfect way.

-The Right Atmosphere. Your wedding venue should have the right atmosphere and should contribute to making your wedding as mesmerizing as it is in your dreams. The amenities of the venue should contribute to the delight and joy of everyone there. The flexibility of the wedding venue and employees can go a long way to make things more attractive to attendees.

-One Stop Shopping. The best wedding venues provide far more than just a wonderful place to be married. Many venue hosts offer packages that include catering, photographers, decorators and other wedding services that can make wedding planning much simpler for everyone involved in the planning.

-Freedom. The best wedding venue owners will allow the customers to decorate the area any way you want. In fact, many hosts have an array of ideas that can match the tastes and styles of the bride and groom. Your only limitation is your imagination. This type of wedding venue amenity provides the right ambiance for the new couple.

-Space. Lots Of Space. Believe it or not, there are too many wedding venues that do not have enough parking or are a nightmare to try to get in or out of. Not only that, but good wedding venues have transportation services available, access to guest lodging, proper a dance floor, space for the band or DJ. So, it’s about space.

-Staff. The attitude of the staff of a wedding venue is an important and often over looked aspect of planning a wedding and can make or break your function. Properly trained wedding staff will make you feel at home with the great services that they provide with equally great hospitality.

A good wedding venue, in short, contributes immensely to a good wedding function, and thus it is very important you choose one with enough care.

Che’ne Rouge has been working with brides and grooms for the past 7 years to make incredible memories at Atlanta’s best wedding venue. Schedule a tour and come see where joy begins. Fill out the contact form today.

Wedding Venue Pointers: 5 Tips for a Memorable Marriage Proposal

First, we all know that a lot happens before anyone ever makes it to the wedding venue. No matter how simple or extravagant your proposal is, it’s going to be a story that your bride-to-be will be telling for the rest of her life. Give her a proposal that she won’t only be proud to share, but that she’ll say yes to! Here are 5 tips you can follow to have a memorable and successful proposal!

1. Ask her parents in advance. Yes, some wedding traditions have changed with the times, but this custom is still very much alive. And don’t forget to mention your plans to her closest friends—you might even get some good pointers from them on what she’d love in a proposal.  Just make sure you don’t reveal your plans to too many people—you wouldn’t want someone to slip up before she finds out!

2. Have the ring ready. Even if you’re planning a more low-key proposal, you should still have the ring with you. Don’t have her sharing the news without something to show for it!

3. Post a video beforehand. A few hours before you pop the question, post a video of yourself explaining what you’re about to do. It will create excitement among your friends, but you will need to distract her from using the internet and seeing the video. If you don’t want to risk her seeing a video, write a letter to her instead. Read it to her on your wedding day privately or in front of all the guests.

4. Invite her family and friends. Do your best to have her family there to witness the moment. Make sure you include everyone important to her by asking her closest friend to make sure everyone who should be there gets invited.

5. Hire a photographer. Just like the day you say ‘I do,’ you’ll want to have beautiful pictures of the moment she says ‘Yes’. Have a photographer take pictures during and after the proposal. If it’s just the two of you, go above and beyond by having the photographer secretly take photos while you pop the question. Surprise her in a few days when you receive the printed pictures.

The staff at Che’ne Rouge has been delighting couples and their families for the past 7 years by hosting one of Atlanta’s best wedding venues and rumored to be one of the best wedding venues in the South! For unique wedding ideas- from traditional weddings to rustic wedding ideas or country weddings to something we haven’t thought of yet, the staff at Che’ne Rouge wants to help you plan your perfect day.

Wedding Venue Pointers: Find Your Perfect Wedding Shoes!

There’s a million things to think of before you show up at the wedding venue. If you think that choosing your dream gown is hard, wait until you have to decide on your shoes.  When choosing your wedding shoes there are a few things you must keep in mind. Follow these steps and you will have a great pair of shoes that you will love to wear again and again.

boots pic1. Comfort. Remember you actually have to wear these shoes for your wedding and reception.  We all may love high heels but remember you have to walk down the aisle, stand for photos, dance, and walk around in them.  You want to still be able to walk and feel comfortable by the end of the night.

2. Fit your style. Choose a special pair of shoes that you love and make you feel good.  Don’t choose a shoe just because it matches your dress.  In today’s society there are so many styles and designs you’re sure to find one that fits your wedding style and personality.

flats3. Break them in. For any wedding shoe you purchase, breaking them in is extremely important.  Especially for your wedding day you want to have your wedding shoes already molded to your feet and for you to feel comfortable in.  Sometimes when wearing a shoe for the first time you’re a little hesitant and this way you will have walked around and know the feel of them.

4. Add some excitement. Make a statement with your shoe that grabs for attention. Yes, your dress is white or ivory but what does that matter.  You can add a shoe full of glitter, pearls, or even adding a pop of color like bright red.  Just a little touch of something can make a visual splash to last the entire evening.

Remember, the dress doesn’t make the shoes, it’s the shoes that makes the dress!


For the past 7 years, the staff at Che’ne Rouge has been working to delight couples and their families by hosting one of Atlanta’s best wedding venues and rumored to be one of the best wedding venues in the South! For unique wedding ideas- from traditional weddings, rustic wedding ideas or country weddings to something we haven’t thought of yet, the staff at Che’ne Rouge wants to be part of your perfect day.

Top 4 Tips for Stress Free Wedding Planning

Every bride always things “I am not going to be a crazy bride.” However, almost all brides decide to take on the task of planning their entire wedding alone. After just a week, brides realize how involved planning a wedding really is. As a wedding venue and a company with years of wedding experience, Che’ne Rouge has learned how to make wedding planning fun and exciting without all the stress. Here are some of our favorite tips!

1. Get Organized!

Weddings are not just any other event; they are the day that marks the start for the rest of your life with the one person that you love. Also, they are filled with so many small details and components. Take good notes when meeting with your vendors or visiting venues and purchase a planner or calendar to keep all  your important wedding dates and appointments. Keeping everything together and organized will make remembering all the details so much easier.

2. Get Help!

Don’t try to do all the planning alone. Involve your fiance with appointments and decisions. If you have the budget, consider hiring a wedding planner. They will have experience and know how to handle your wedding and make your dreams come to life. Have a crafty family member? Ask them to help make centerpieces or other decor. Also, finding a venue that offers an all-inclusive package will really make planning your wedding so much easier. You will still get to choose all the details, your theme, colors, menu, etc, but won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding vendors! Che’ne Rouge’s popular package, La Grande Fare, does all the hard work for you and leaves you with all the wedding fun!

3. Relax!

You can’t plan your whole wedding in a day and it will be important to set aside time to step away from all the work. Designate a couple times a week where you and your fiance will do something and not discuss anything wedding.

4. Have fun!

Remember that this is your wedding and is supposed to be a fun and happy time. Don’t let the plans consume you. Instead, focus on the love that is making this day possible!

The staff at Che’ne Rouge has been delighting couples and their families for the past 7 years by hosting one of Atlanta’s best wedding venues and rumored to be one of the best wedding venues in the South! For unique wedding ideas- from traditional weddings to rustic wedding ideas or country weddings to something we haven’t thought of yet, the staff at Che’ne Rouge wants to help you plan your perfect day.

Georgia Bachelor Party Ideas

Want something different than the typical bar scene for your last hurrah? Here are some adventurous and local ideas for your bachelor party no matter what season your wedding is in!


Skydive. It’s a popular bucket list item that seldom gets accomplished, but there’s no better time than now to check it off! Just make sure all of the groomsmen are up for the jump.

Take a brewery tour. Have a lot of friends? The VIP tour at Sweetwater Brewery is available for larger groups. A barbeque lunch is included and each guest will get their own souvenir glass—a great memento of your party.

Get on the water. Take an adventure white water rafting through Georgia’s Ocoee River, or relax on a boat at the lake. Don’t have a boat? Borrow a friend’s or rent one for the day at Lake Lanier or Lake Allatoona.


Oktoberfest in Helen. The German beer festival runs from September to early November and is sure to be a great time for the group. Book a hotel that is in walking distance of the downtown party.

Go camping. Pitch a tent and stay up late grilling a feast for the guys. Go fishing or hiking during the day.



Rent a cabin. Find a bachelor pad in the mountains and plan a night in. Bring your video games or try to win some extra cash playing poker.

Laugh at comedy show. Get a seat at a late-night adult comedy club like The Basement Theater in Atlanta. It’s a good way to go if some of the guys have just met each other. 


Play golf. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and treat yourself and your buds to an upscale course in North Georgia.

Catch a baseball game. Spend the afternoon at Turner Field rooting on the home team—and of course, get to the game early to tailgate. Find a tailgating checklist online to make sure you have everything you’ll need!

Whatever you plan for your bachelor party, top it all off at the relaxing groom’s lounge at Che’ne Rouge. Your friends will get in some last-minute bonding while your bride gets ready and the guests file in. Discover more about the groom’s lounge under Virtual Tours.


Designer Jewelry Without the Designer Price

If you want to wear the finest jewelry on your big day, but didn’t save room in the budget, there is still an option—rent it! That’s right. You can actually rent real designer jewelry from several online stores at very affordable prices. Just pick out what you want, keep it for up to a week, and return it when you’re done!

So where can you find such a fantastic deal? We’ve covered our top 3 rental sites for you:

Rent the Runway: First established as a dress rental site, RTR is now enhancing their fashions with designer jewelry. Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and Kate Spade are just some of the designers of the fine jewelry that will complement your attire at all of your wedding events. And don’t just stop at jewelry—RTR also lends a variety of clutch purses that can finish your look. We love this site because you’ll only pay $15-$150 for pieces that retail at up to $1500.

Adorn.com: If your dress deserves a more elegant look, check out Adorn. This site carries authentic diamonds and stones valued at over $10,000 that you can rent for $100-$250. They even offer more exclusive pieces that can be borrowed for up to $2000. Want to look like royalty? Take a look at the Middleton Earrings inspired by the duchess herself. Adorn also lends stunning hairpieces that will perfect any bride’s hairstyle, and best of all, the accessories you borrow will be insured while you have them for your special day!

Hautevault.com: Offering genuine diamonds, stones, and metals, Haute Vault is a membership-only site that also has the groom in mind. Have him complement your flawless look in a Cartier stainless steel watch or diamond-wrapped cufflinks. The site has a section dedicated entirely to weddings so that you can have only the finest, hand-picked pieces on your big day. And don’t worry if you want to change your mind at the last minute—Haute Vault always uses overnight shipping so you can be sure that you’ll still love the pieces you choose.

Choosing jewelry for your wedding day is an exciting experience, and with the help of these websites, it is now an affordable one. We hope that you find the perfect accessories to finish your look, and as always, keep following Che’ne Rouge for more wedding-day guidance and money-saving tips!

How to find your perfect photographer!

Finding the perfect photographer is like finding the perfect wedding dress for your big day. It’s a hard process but will leave you happy and smiling in the end and you have the best moments of the day captured for you to have forever. You will want to try to find a photographer who will have the experience and desire to capture those priceless moments that take your breath away. Even though booking a photographer may seem like an easy decision, it is one of the most difficult because you have so much to consider. Here are some suggestions that will help you pick the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

1. Personality

Finding a photographer with a great personality who will be able to work with you and your guests is so important. Ultimately your entire day will be spent with this person so making a good connection from the first meeting will set the tone for the rest of your wedding. You need someone who can jump right in and feed off of your personality and vibes. You also need someone who is creative and will be able to connect with your guests to get them engaged with the festivities. If the connection is strong, it will make for a better day and the best photos you could ask for.

2. Quality and Price

When looking for a photographer, you will definitely need to take a look at some of their work, whether it’s a photo album or albums on social media. Reading reviews can also be helpful but remember to take everything with a grain of salt; not all reviews are 100% truthful. The best reviews will be the ones that are done from your family or friends because they will know if a certain photographer will work well with you and for your day. Referrals and reviews will reflect the quality of the photographer’s photos. When it comes to spending money on a photographer, you will ultimately get the quality you pay for. For something as special as your wedding, it is well worth choosing a experienced and perhaps even pricier photographer to capture the special parts of your day.

3. Familiarity with your venue/ theme

Finding a photographer that is familiar with or has shot at your wedding venue will give you a leg up on your photo taking time. If they have shot at the venue or a similar venue, they will already have an idea of what photos work best. Also, if they are a regular or even in house photographer at a venue, they will know the staff and that will make your day run very smoothly. Sometimes you may have an unconventional venue, however. Finding a photographer that has shot weddings of similar aesthetics or themes will give you the same benefits of a photographer that has shot at a venue before.

Che’ne Rouge has the pleasure of including your photographer in our all-inclusive wedding package. Jesse Garrett of Jesse Garrett Photographer is a wonderful photographer who shoots almost all the weddings at Che’ne Rouge and does a fabulous job. Our brides have nothing but positive things to say about him and our staff greatly enjoys welcoming him into our venue each weekend!

Mini Desserts with Big Flavor!

As women, we all tend to count calories so much so that when someone even mentions the words” cake” or “dessert,” we run away in fear no matter how appetizing they sound. What if there were sweets that were small, yet savory, and did not totally bust our diets or pre-wedding workout routines?

Well, TK Cakeez, has done just this! Their desserts are bite sized wonders of bakery perfection that will satisfy your sweet tooth. With a wide variety of small desserts and delectables, TK Cakeez has mastered trapping enormous flavors in small portions. Perfect for parties, weddings, or just for fun, her small treats will be a hug crowd pleaser.

From cake pops to miniature cheesecakes topped with fruit, they do it all! Any flavor, design, color, or character that you could imagine is shrunken down and presented in a cute cup or on a small stick, making them perfect finger-food desserts.

Ready for a taste? Don’t hesistate! Be sure to contact Tiffaney Kemp at tkcakeez@gmail.com and visit their Facebook page today: https://www.facebook.com/pages/T-K-Cakeez/143245739116212

How is Che’ne Rouge different from other wedding venues?

Here at Che’ne Rouge, we have had our hands in all things wedding for over 6 years now. Opening in 2008, Che’ne Rouge is a different kind of wedding venue. We have done our research and know what brides today are looking for.

packagesWe have customized our wedding packages so we do all the hard work and you don’t have to! Our most popular wedding package, La Grand Fare, is an all inclusive package with some of the most sought after vendors in the metro Atlanta area. We include your venue, food, DJ, photographer, flowers, cake, limo, signature cocktail, and so much more! This package does not mean that you will have a cookie cutter wedding, though. You will still get to do a food tasting and design your menu, taste your cake and design it, meet with all your vendors to discuss your wedding essentials, and customize the Che’ne Rouge facility to suit your style and wedding aesthetic.

slide3Not only do we offer one of the only all-inclusive wedding packages in the Atlanta area, we have also priced it very competitively. If you went to a venue and made a package that included all the things that Che’ne Rouge has already thought of, you would easily spend an excess of $30,000! Che’ne Rouge has taken that into consideration and made our package pricing extremely competitive.

431412_365491100152403_2040686685_nAlso, you will be the only wedding that we host on your wedding day. Most venues will host two weddings a day: one in the morning and then one in the evening. We want your day to be all about YOU! That is why you will be the only wedding here on your special day. We will prep the venue for you the night before and morning of your wedding day to make sure the floors are freshly buffed, the entire facility is cleaned, the tables will be set up, and so much more.

Think that these reasons make Che’ne Rouge the ideal wedding venue for you? Contact us today to schedule your private tour and receive up to $2000 off your 2015 wedding package! Call 770.222.5003 or email info@chene-rouge.com to schedule your tour!